“Plan your work & Work your Plan!”
– Napoleon Hill

When we come into the Finals is that we think the Articleship period is pretty long. We can start our classes in the last year. That leads to excessive pressure, stress and inability to meet our deadlines.

As soon as we clear both the groups of Intermediate, we should plan on starting our classes. If clearing the second group of Intermediate takes a couple of attempts, one may wait to clear them before starting. But not more than twice. You should gradually start your Final classes alongside in such case.

Whether one does classes or self study, the below table gives an estimate of the time spent to complete doing the entire course (except elective) once:


Subject No of Months
SCM & PE1.5
Total 17

Also, there may be gaps between the subjects, hence some time gets spent in that as well, apart from tough periods during articleship.

The idea is to complete all classes (except elective) before your study leaves start. If doing one class per day won’t be sufficient, you should do 2 classes and meet your deadline.

Approach during this Period
The study objective during this period is not to remember everything but to understand it and keep making notes, highlighting & marking stuff, so that it becomes easy coming back to it in the study leave. Majority of this can be done in the class itself and not much time needs to be invested separately, which would as it is be difficult given the hectic articleship schedule.