Articleship Period

It is advisable to complete your Law class in this period itself. The ideal period to do your law class is 6 months to 1 year before your exams.

The approach should understand the content thoroughly so that you don’t need to spend time on that in the study leave. Learning the portion isn’t really required. What you can do, if you have time, take overviews of the content that you are able to grasp the concepts and questions.

Study Leave 

This would generally be the first time you are doing Law after you did your classes or self-studied in the Articleship period. (If you haven’t done either, still follow this approach alongside; though the time is taken would be more as understanding would also be involved).

Start with Company Law with studying from the books you used earlier. Make your own notes alongside as it is mighty difficult to revise and retain later otherwise. Since it may be time-consuming and high on efforts, you can use my revision notes (click here). These cover 100% exam relevant coverage of provisions along with learnings from questions from the past 30 exams. Continue the same with Economic & Security Laws.

The focus now should be on learning. You can approximately devote around 75 – 90 hours for the complete course along with questions.

The next time, i.e. 1st revision after the 1st study, use only your notes. Revise it as a single subject, to increase efficiency and maintain connect. Approximately, this would take you 5 days. Around 2.5/ 3 days for Company Law and 2/ 2.5 days for Economic & Security Laws. Now, the focus should be on revising. There would be areas which you would have forgotten. It is very natural. Read those areas once again without getting worked up about why you forgot. Then revise them. You should be able to communicate the concept in your own words, of course, cannot miss the keywords. Don’t waste energy on trying to mug up.

If you are using my notes, refer to the online content on this site now after this revision. This will help you revise specifically the tough and unique questions speedily.

Now, the final revision. As I said in the All-Subject Strategy, the last revision doesn’t mean just revising once. It means revising and re-revising, if required, up to a point that you are comfortable in being able to speak it and remembering it for around 3 – 4 days. Nobody can remember everything after a month. That’s why the last day of revision is very important to refresh the memory. 

Do remember to keep marking areas which you find though, so that next time you can focus specially on those areas. In fact, in the last revision, mark areas you find difficult, so you can revise only that before the exam day. On the other hand, you may use a different colour to mark areas you find easy but are important, so you can revise them only if time remains.

All the very best! You will do amazing! Do feel free to connect with me for the smallest of things.