The All New Analytical Question Book for November 2021


Our book presents ICAI view on questions. It covers over 30 past exam questions, several MTP & RTP questions and latest study material questions as well. It includes comments to help guide you in preparing for the exam and is fully amended for November 2021.

CA. Dhruv Daga is an All India Rankholder at all levels of CA – AIR 4 (CPT), AIR 40 (IPCC) & AIR 19 (Final). Learn how he scored a 75+ in Law and made it his strength!

Click Here for a sample of the 1st chapter.

Salient Features

  • Contains analytical tips based on past exam trends and anticipations for the future
  • Includes suggestions for focus areas
  • Covers questions from over 30 Past Exams
  • Completely Amended & revised for Nov 21 Exams
  • Presents ICAI views on answers
  • Detailed presentation of answers to assist answer writing in exams
  • Contains several MTP & RTP Questions
  • Contains latest study material questions